Treat yourself to the beautiful nails you deserve. 
You will always find those extra pennies for that special little treat to make yourself feel fantastic. There is nothing more satisfying than admiring glances and comments you'll receive about your immaculate gel nails. 
In the famous words of Coco Chanel "A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous"



Prior to your Bio Sculpture Gel treatment a mini manicure is performed to prepare the nail plate.  This consists of cuticle work with a cuticle pusher/knife and a cuti-stone tool.  Nails are shaped and filed and two Bio Sculpture Spa products are applied.  Vitamin Dose revitalises nails with its cucumber infused vitamin boost to rejuvenate and stimulate healthy nail growth and Executive Base provides a multifunctional strengthening base.  Cuticle Oil enriched with vitamin E is applied at the final stage of the treatment to rehydrate the cuticles.


Bio Sculpture Gel Treatments

Approx. Time


Full set of Clear Gel overlays       

        1 hr 30


Full set of Fashion Colour Gel overlays

        1 hr 30


Full set of Fashion Colour infused with glitter

        1 hr 30


Full set of French Gel overlays

        1 hr 45


Full set of Fashion Colour Gel overlays for toes

        1 hr 15

£25 Special Offer


Gel Removal Service


Gel removal FREE when followed by a new set

        45 min


Gel removal without a new set to follow

        45 min



Nail Repair Service


Single Silk nail repair

        10 min


Single Sculpture gel extension repair

        15 min



Nail Art


Add a touch of sparkle with rhinestones

during overlays

20p each


Special Offers

Gel Toes now £25.  

Recommend a friend, when your friend books an appointment you will both receive 10% off.


£5 off when overlays for the hands and feet are booked in advance for the same appointment.  Please allow yourself a minimum of 2.5 hours.                            



At present Rouge Noir Nail Bar can only accept payments by cash.


Cancellation policy

Please be courteous and provide 24 hours notice of your intention to cancel your appointment. Your failure to do so may incur a 50% cancellation charge, payable at your next appointment. Thank you.